Yogi Bhajan on the Sensory System

Written by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa Ph.D., as shared in the Spring 2003 Aquarian Times Magazine

The development of the human sensory system is one of the major themes of Yogi Bhajan’s recent lectures. Below I have compiled notes from some of these lectures. This material is an important point of reference for the coming years, as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age.

The Human Sensory System

The human sensory system is going to be our greatest asset in the Aquarian Age. We can cultivate our sensory system by consciously connecting to our breath, strengthening our nervous system, activating our glandular system, balancing our emotional energies, and channeling our mental energy to intuitive awareness. As we cultivate a subtle sensitivity to our being, we will experience a sense of completeness within ourselves that will give us great satisfaction. We will have the capacity to feel calm, contained, content, and straight. We will no longer feel the need to be validated from outside because energetically we will validate ourselves by going deep inside our own being.

Destiny and Attraction Mode

As we establish a sense of our own identity, our destiny will be revealed to us. Everyone has a special destiny. What we came here to do will become clear.  It is our job to deliver it in a meditative way. As we achieve a sense of completeness and balance within ourselves, the energy that we once used to try to compensate for our perceived limitations and to get validation from outside, will be available to attract what we need to make our unique contribution to the world.

The Shift is Happening Now

On an individual level, if people are not disciplined, they will be unable to handle the intense energy and its implications. In Yogi Bhajan’s words, “In the next eleven years we will find people getting empty, more perturbed, not able to bear enough, not having much tolerance and very argumentative.”

Instead of channeling the energy to manifest, people will use the pressure as an excuse to get drunk, take drugs or to compensate through other outside stimulation. Those who cannot hold

the energy in their own bodies, will experience hopelessness and despair. Those who can incorporate the higher frequencies, will get high off of the energy and experience bliss. They will know that this is one of the best times to be alive. They will enjoy themselves in the moment and have a genuine experience of love and joy.

How Can We Develop Our Sensory System?

  1. Be the prayer
  2. Allow and commit to deep cleansing
  3. Find your identity inside yourself
  4. Be very honest, open and straight with yourself
  5. Learn self-control
  6. Learn to contain your own energy
  7. Cultivate inner contentment
  8. If there is a choice, choose the positive
  9. Identify your destiny and serve
  10. Cultivate character, commitment and grace
  11. Balance yourself, so you don’t need to be compensated from outside
  12. Give up manipulation and control
  13. When you want something, get clear, ask, be calm, and let it come
  14. Develop a meditative mind to wait and see what comes to you
  15. Develop a relationship with a working God that dwells and breathes within you

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2003 Bio – Gururattan earned her Doctorate in Political Science from the Institute of International Studies/Geneva She has taught at Dartmouth, MIT, Institute for Transpersonal Psychology and Stanford University. She is author of The Destiny of Women, Your Life is in Your Chakras, Inner and Outer Ecology, and Kundalini Yoga manuals, Transitions to a Heart­ Centered World, Relax and Renew, and Sexuality and Spirituality. She is KRI certified, taught Kundalini Yoga for 25 years.

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