Yogi Bhajan’s Experience of Death

January 14, 2021 |

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What is death? Death is a process where your consciousness does not exist within the control of your ego. Death you can be braindead and still alive. Death is you share it everyday with yourself. At a certain moment, when you sleep, you do not know you are a man or a woman, person or who you are, what your status is and you are gone. It is that complete sleep in absolutely in a state of thuriya, which give your body for next day. If that sleep is taken away from you for twenty-six days, you will die automatically, there is no lethal injection required. If you do not understand, go to those people who cannot sleep at night. Look at their life and their story, it is most miserable.
I have died once in my life and I will tell you my personal experience about death. I was officer in Amritsar and Jammu-Kashmir and Punjab and all that was in my range, my headquarter was Amritsar and once a friend officer of mine called me and he said, “I have two guest from East India that Assam, very faraway state and they want to go to Vaishno Devi.” There is a temple in Jammu and he said, “We have no means to take it but your jurisdiction is unlimited, you can go anywhere you want, so why don’t you oblige me to taking these people to Vaishno Devi.”
Vaishno Devi is a temple, it is on the hill and lot of thousands of people go there and it’s a fantastic place. So I said, “Okay, I will take them.”
So I ordered my jeep and my driver and my escorts and I made the tour and ordered and first we went to Dharamsala, where you see Dalai Lama lives now, there is a place call Kagal, they wanted to meet a greatest astrologer and I was shocked to know how that astrologer can tell about everybody. I mean to say, it amazed me.
I mean to say, there was nothing I could do with this man and he said, “You will be this, this, this, this, this, this, this.” And he didn’t even ask my name and I said, you know I was on uniform, I said, “You don’t know my name how can you say, I am this, this, this, this, your name is this, this, this?”
He said, “Okay, I have nothing to say now, let’s go.”
So I went there and when you reach this temple on the height of that place, it’s very difficult, it’s very painful journey and we did it right and when I went up there, I did the biggest blunder of my life, I took cold water glass, that only I remember last. When later on I woke up, everybody ran, I saw everybody running from the room and there was a, my face was covered with a blanket and according to them and medically I have died forty-five minutes, that was their medical record. I died, they brought me in that room as dead, doctor declared me dead, and forty-five minutes had passed. So I woke up and I said, “Oh I was dead?”
He said, “Sir, yes you were.”
I said, “Okay, now I am not, I am alive?”
He said, “Yes sir, you are alive.”
I said, “You are a doctor here?”
He said, “Yes sir, I am a doctor here.” You know he knew me I was senior officer and there was, other than sir, there was no other way to get away with it.
And I said, “How I died?”
He said, “We do not know outside at the stall you fell unconscious, so you were brought here and I examined, there was no heartbeat and everything was over with, so that’s all it is and your friends are around here.” So because friends were running around and asking to find out a place to inform the headquarters that I have died now what next to do. So they were asked to come in and I looked at them and I said, “I am fine. You are okay?”
“What happened, you totally took us out?”
And I said, “Well, it happened.”
What my experience was after I fainted, it was like a cylindrical round what you call is lift and you might be afraid of all dying, dying is the most beautiful, wonderful experience.
Once a while as a Yogi, I get to that experience, when we meditate in a crossed touch of a space into three mega multi-met alma ecstasy we get into that kind of status in our mind, we do enjoy it something like that, not all the way like that but it’s a great experience and the experience was I was sinking, sinking, sinking going down, like as our lifts are sometime, they don’t stop, they go right to the point and I came out. And there was a round square, it was highly lit, there were two sides to it, right and left, left side like a bar, very warm, very hot and people were talking and you can hear voices and all that and you see on the left side, all your relatives, believe me or not and on the right side, also you see relatives but it is like a place with a snow, like you are going to a hill station and you are right in the center and both sides your thought relatives call on you. I decided to come up, I took the lift, neither I went right, nor I left, I came back, backward, sat on the lift, came up and I woke up the eyes, that is my experience of death and it shall happen to you all. What happens in a death, when you have to die, you have exactly thirty seconds.

Your experience is important!

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