I and Flow

December 22, 1989 |

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Many years ago, on a Tantric weekend in Eugene, OR Sewa Kaur and I went to the local art store and bought some large sheets of white drawing paper and a bunch of maker pens. We presented them to Yogi Ji and he started to create wonderful drawings, you may have seen some of them.

At one point he gave one of his drawings to us, I’m not sure if he created it during that weekend or at another time. The date of the drawing is 1989. An inscription on the drawing says, “I and Flow”. On the back is written, “River of lava flow. Yogi Bhajan hanging on to the last rock by a thread.” At the time we were basically dumbfounded, by the drawing and description. It made little sense to us in the context of that time.

The image came to me at sadhana time the other day and I realized, like with so many of his teachings, they were not limited by time and space. Today I look at that drawing in a completely different light, and of course, the meaning is now so clear.

To be clear, the tiny white thing on the rock in the middle is Yogi JI. 

Sat Nam.

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  1. Hope all is Gr8 bro

    • Sat Nam, this is wonderful to see.

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