January 2, 2004 |

Yogi Ji specifically instructed me to create this image. He made requests for specific themes or images occasionally before this, but this one was a particular challenge because of the scope and detail he wanted. He said that he wanted a universal tree of life that included all the saints from every tradition. The actual total number of images of saints from every tradition is, of course, an unreasonably large number for my skill level, as well as practicality in a painting. Instead, I chose those saints/images that would best represent the widest and most inclusive diversity. Of course, I avoided creating images of those saints who are specifically forbidden by their respective religions to be depicted.

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December 22, 1989 |

Many years ago, on a Tantric weekend in Eugene, OR Sewa Kaur and I went to the local art store and bought some large sheets of white drawing paper and a bunch of maker pens. We presented them to Yogi Ji and he started to create wonderful drawings, you may have seen some of them.

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