Summer Solstice: Divinity

June 6, 2022 |

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Step 4 of the 7 Steps of Happiness – Divinity

What are you made of? Do you really think you are muscle, bone and skin in motion? Have you ever wondered what is the meaning behind your existence, and above all why ask yourself? Because the quality of the questions you ask yourself already contains the answer to your doubts. Only by structuring commitment, character and dignity will you feel the caliber of your deepest essence. It is in practice, in meditation and in sharing with other divine beings that you will be able to effectively recognize yourself as the essence of the universe embodied in a life. Meeting at the solstice is celebrating a new life together, the life that in every moment generates new opportunities to be, new perspectives of evolution, a new sense of thanks for who you are, which you would not have been without the teachings.

Yogi or Hippie?

Kundalini yoga is also called the yoga of awareness.

It has a very rapid effect on our perceptual centers.

It immediately puts us in touch with our deepest state.

For this reason, those who experience its power no longer need external stimulants such as drugs, alcohol or other addictions…

When you start practicing, you can take off the mask of addiction, without suffering, without effort, in a natural way. 

We don’t need any drugs to get in touch with your soul.  The soul is always inside us, buried under a multitude of layers of thoughts, masks and false identities.

Our teacher always said that through our practice we uncover parts of ourselves like the layer of an onion, and slowly we come to see our center, pure and white, like the light of our divinity…

During the 1960s, Yogi Bhajan began taking care of many people who came from a complex cultural background.  They called themselves hippies. 

You’ve probably heard of them too.  Peace, music, sexual freedom represented a strong desire for social liberation from an identity that no longer had roots.

This led to the desire for rebellion, the rejection of a social position, a recognized identity, an ordinary life.

This was the humus in which kundalini yoga had the opportunity to take root.

Unlike the hippie movement, Yogi Bhajan had a clear code of conduct– discipline which required commitment, character and dignity.  The reward from this was the possibility of coming into contact with a new part of ourselves.

For many, this meant leaving behind pain we had been living in for a long time, lives in disarray—where from the nervous system to the mind, we had created numerous dependencies of various kinds.

The practice of kundalini yoga changed the fate of a generation. Yogi Bhajan gave caliber, strength and character to people in need.  He was a Teacher to those in need.

Only by structuring our lives to include commitment, character and dignity, do we feel the caliber of our deepest essence.  It is in practice, meditation and sharing with other divine beings that we are able to effectively recognize ourselves as part of the essence of the universe and embody this in our lives.

Today we have the opportunity to celebrate the miracle: to recognize our dignity as seeking souls.

On June 25-26* we will meet together for a new version of the summer solstice.

We will come together from all over the world as a unique sangat, from different cultures, with different ways of experiencing Kundalini Yoga and our lifestyle, to enrich ourselves with experience and to recognize our soul in relation to the one great essence.

At this virtual summer solstice event, we will celebrate our life together—our life which in every moment generates a new opportunity to be, a new perspective of evolution, a new sense of thanks for who we are, and who we would not have been without these beautiful teachings.

Join us.

*Some time zones will end on June 27

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