Aquarian Times – 2003-spring

December 3, 2003 |

In the same way I understood courage; in the same way I learned to walk tall in my life. I found out another secret. God walks with me in every nook and corner of my life. I always have a companion. I simply pay attention to it. It is there all the time, through thick and thin, and my journey of life is getting completed. Walk with me and pay attention. Surely we will enjoy it and we’ll make the journey so happy that we’ll never get tired. That is the way to walk.

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January 22, 2001 |

As long as we are dwelling in our five senses, we are asking for trouble. We must come to dwell in the sixth sense, which controls the five senses, the five elements, and the nine holes. To control and direct this trinity is the faculty of the Sensory Human. The faculties of a Sensory Human will be from here to infinity as we enter the Age of Aquarius we must rebuild ourselves to be sensory beings.

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