Aquarian Times – 2008-Feb/Mar

June 26, 1981 |

There was a time when I knew everyone in our 3HO family by name. Now when I see you, I have to say, “Please tell me your name.” But whether you realize it or not, we are all very closely linked together as part of this divine family.

 Yogi Bhajan is a builder of people, he is a Teacher of teachers. He is seeing a long way ahead. He is seeing what we can become. He is the sculptor and we are the raw material. We do not like the hacking and the chipping and the pounding, but what can come out of it is going to be beauty and grace.

We can’t expect it to not be painful. He wields that chisel with total love, with total compassion, with total impersonality. He has a universal love, which is so vast that it can encompass each and every one of us equally.

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