Beads of Truth – 1980-Fall September

September 30, 1980 |

After overcoming our initial surprise, everybody realized that this was the challenge the artists had been waiting for: a focus for our creative energy at the Solstice site. It was immediately apparent to us all that the Guru was the only artist great enough to do such an immense job in such a short time. It would have to be a group effort.

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September 30, 1980 |

When a human being talks the language of the Guru, when he speaks of the Guru, the Guru flows through that person. When he talks the Gurbaanee and the Truth, then the Sat Guru flows through that person. When he talks the word and the knowledge of Siri Guru Granth Sahib, then the Siri Guru flows from that person. When a person chants “Wahe Guru,” then Wahe Guru flows through that person. It’s all for people. There’s nobody who is condemned in Guru’s house.

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