Beads of Truth – 1988-Winter-Bead 21 Vol II

February 7, 2021 |

To fully convey the impressions that are deepest within me of the early years in Europe, I wish I could show moving pictures and video glimpses of expressions and situations: like Tantric in Holland, the Siri Singh Sahib’s eyes as he counselled, welcoming smiles in Hamburg, a Golden Temple Restaurant kitchen scene.

And then I remember the sounds of the Siri Singh Sahib’s voice, the melody of voices translating into languages of the Mediterranean and the North, at the Yoga Festival, the clatter of pots, and the hum of restaurant machines in the Golden Temple Restaurants. The Golden Temple Restaurants were the hub of our 3HO life in Europe in the early days. They were at the heart of our growth as a group and in each of our psyches, our memories of working there live on and warm us even now.

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December 30, 1988 |

Guru Ram Das Ashram in Hamburg is not an outpost in 1988. Kundalini Yoga and humanology are growing so fast that we cannot keep track of what is happening everywhere. There is a dynamic force which has expanded beyond linear organizational limits. There are at least 280 Europeans teaching the yoga and sharing the information everywhere.

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