January 13, 1979 |

When the heart prays, God obeys.  Prayer is one instrument in the head of man which can subject God and command Him to action.  When the heart of one opens up for prayer, the heart of the Big One opens up to obey.  Prayer is a key which opens the biggest lock of destiny.  Prayer is said and prayer is heard.  There is  never a reaction, provided it is a prayer from the very heart of you.

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June 25, 1972 |

Prevail and give peace to every heart, happiness to every heart, and bliss to every mind. Give them the greatest virtue: to meditate on You, and praise You with song and being. Give them the greatest ecstasy, the virtue of Naam, the Holy Naam, Sat Nam. Lead their lives on the path of righteousness unto the Infinity of Your righteousness. Save them from those dark pits.

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