Beads of Truth – 1980-Spring-March

May 30, 1980 |

…these past moments are never past. They are always right here if we only have the consciousness to perceive it. In this light, it is notable that a tremendous portion of the ardaas is concerned with remembrance. I have seen how this whole idea of remembrance has laced itself in and out of my life over the years and how in my dark moments I could not remember any of these experiences. I recall so distinctly how when a couple of years ago I called you and said that I was leaving 3HO you asked, ” Why did you come onto this path?”, and I replied, “I have no idea, I can’t remember”.  Thank God this vision has been given to me and may it never leave.

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March 30, 1980 |

Go on finding God. If God won’t find you, can you find Him? Can anybody find such a thing as God? It is a most unfortunate thing if you ever say it, because you are already a part of God. What are you going to find? Those who are part of God don’t find God, they live as God. Either you live as God or you are going to keep on ‘finding’ God. No miracle can bring you to God. God is a relationship of your unit consciousness with the Universal consciousness. It is you. It is yourself. It is that your lower self must surrender to your higher self. You must discipline yourself.

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