Beads of Truth – 1983-Winter

December 30, 1983 |

The three arrived from the East that day.
They had come to gather the people to say:
“We’re here in order to take a stand,
We’re here in order to change this land.
This nation is sick, its direction wrong.
We three have come to gather the strong.”
What three could make a statement so bold?
Their presence had left you with nothing untold.
These three that stood and walked as one:
Magnificence of spirit; sons of the sun.

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December 30, 1983 |

If you want to study with me, three things you must do:

1) Never get into a secret mantra or secret initiation. The Mother Kundalini will diversify you, and you will not be happy here, neither will you be happy in heavens. It is a terrible mistake a person can make. Any practitioner of Kundalini must not go into any kind of secret knowledge, it is the first law of this knowledge.

2) Join the practice with reverence and leave it with reverence. Because as all rivers get into the ocean, all knowledge is meant to raise the kundalini. Negating this Mother Divine Power, this creative power of God, sometimes does not have happy results.

3) You must not forget, a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga must not disrespect a woman under any form and shape. If you can carry out these three instructions, the result will be very quick, wonderful and delightful. If you break any law, it is your karma, God bless you.

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