Yogi Bhajan

December 21, 1979 |

I am a man.  I cannot be your Guru.  Truth is the guide; it is a help.  Is it wrong to help you?  So, my relationship with you is very simple.  I don’t want this guru- trip.  It doesn’t suit me.  I simply feel that God has blessed me to have some knowledge, and if I can share with my brothers and sisters in faith, and they can enjoy the same ecstasy of consciousness, we can all enjoy the same joy.   

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January 28, 1979 |

To all students in 3HO
To all Sikhs of the Guru
To all Singh Sahibs and Mukhia Singh Sahibs and members of the Khalsa Council

“I,  Harbhajan Singh Yogi hereby request that every student in the 3HO Family and every person, direct or indirect, in Sikh Dharma may please be informed that in case of any need of guidance where a doubt may have happened directly or indirectly in any class or ashram, they have the right and privilege to call me at

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January 3, 1979 |

“There are three in me.  One is Harbhajan Singh. One is Yogi Bhajan. One is Siri Singh Sahib.  Siri Singh Sahib is a very direct hassler who’ll nail you on the spot.  He’ll find everything wrong with you, analyze you like anything, shatter you like you are nobody.  Yogi Bhajan is that compassionate, analytical, intelligent man who tells you this is this because of that; but it is up to you, son or daughter, do what you want.  Then there is one Harbhajan Singh who will say, “Well, let us all freak out.  Don’t worry, there is no problem in the world. Everything is all right. God and Me, me and God are one’”

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