January 8, 1979 |

We are going to make it, God as my

witness and you as my partner.

On this path, we have walked many times –

Keep Courage.

That is also a gift of God.

Though the thunder is terrible,

and your delicate ears are not meant

to hear that wrath,

But they still can listen to the beat of

my heart,

it is rhythmic and it is going.

Your feet are trembling like the thunder

that makes the Earth tremble with the shock.

But, in the light of your lightning you

can still fill me with spirit.

I promise I will carry on, Oh my soul.

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September 30, 1976 |

The night wind blows in gusts so strong the earth shakes.
And my tent-home billows and wavers under its continued impact.
The darkening sky is shot with lightning and thunder shouts from the heavens.

But not even the monstrous wind beating at all of Creation
Can sweep away the kiss of God, the rainbow,
Which embraces the sky from one end to another.
It comes forth silently, gracefully, to stand immovable in the heavens, yet joined with the earth.
Ever present, it manifests and becomes known,
Only when God calls it forth to stand as an example, a thing of beauty, awe-inspiring.
The vibrant delicacy of its colors,
The purity of its radiance,
Glow as a gift from God.

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