March 5, 1986 |

This poem was written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and is in the book, Furmaan Khalsa.

In Sadhana the Sadhu lives.
In Sadhana the nectar of God’s Love rains down.
In Sadhana come the blessings of Simran, Awareness,
and Divine Understanding.
In Sadhana is the meditation of Raj Yoga.
In Sadhana see God’s glory.
In Sadhana experience Infinity.
Sadhana is the daily meditation of the Sadhu.
Oh Yogi, become one with God!

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July 8, 1985 |

See your power as a woman.
Twist the heavens and squeeze them into the self.
Make all the oceans into just one drop
And out of this bring the self into the everlasting pranic wind
In which you must squeeze all the stars and suns and moons.
And beyond that there is a space where you must excel.
God shall listen to the call of the woman.

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December 30, 1983 |

The three arrived from the East that day.
They had come to gather the people to say:
“We’re here in order to take a stand,
We’re here in order to change this land.
This nation is sick, its direction wrong.
We three have come to gather the strong.”
What three could make a statement so bold?
Their presence had left you with nothing untold.
These three that stood and walked as one:
Magnificence of spirit; sons of the sun.

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December 4, 1979 |

Living is good.
I don’t know why it should.
There is nothing so bad,
But everything is sad.
I do just to do.
It can be good or bad too.
Who is pure,
Who has sinned,
One is caught in one’s own crosswind.

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January 30, 1979 |

As pride consumed my innocence and falsehood claimed me,
your everlasting strength and goodwill kept me from losing all,
from losing all.

And now all that I once valued does not matter because
as you have said, none of this shall remain,
for we belong to a True One, a True One.

And though there’s more to learn, and live in this life,
your selflessness to continue serving soothes my longing, soothes my longing.

And when the Truest sends the blessing that we may return,
I thank God truly for sharing this space with you, with kind you.

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January 21, 1979 |

The Soul’s Story

I am the immutable Soul which has been coming since the beginning of time.
Innumerable times, the immortal Guru has revealed to me the true Word of God.
I was never born, nor was I raised, nor was I given any education.
No one ever trained me, nor did anyone show me the path to God.
It was Guru Ram Das, who blessed me and took me as his own.
Whatever I have done and whatever I have said, the True Guru himself has caused to be done.

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January 11, 1979 |

The New Year draws near us, as the one before ends.
Outside a blizzard, inside with friends
Singing songs of the Guru in a candlelit hall,
Safe from the cold of the endless snow fall.
By a cedarwood fire, I write you a song.
In the ten years I’ve known you, I’ve taken too long
To tell you I love you. I want you to know.
Of the things deep inside that aren’t easy to show.
The day will come someday, we both will be dead,
But some will remember these things that we said.

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January 10, 1979 |

This Poem was written by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan and appears in the book, “The Game of Love”.
One day when you will become soft like wax,
Then my thread of life will pass through you,
And out of the accident of the warmth of my heart
One end will get lit,
And you will burn ― slowly melting in the heat of the flame.
And when you will reach the end,
You will find God waiting for you,
To embrace you into His Infinity.

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January 10, 1979 |

This was written by Robyn Knapton of Los Angeles, California and shared on page 113 of the book, The Man Called the Siri Singh Sahib, which was published in 1979.

In a tiny ashram eight years ago
A young girl sat beginning to grow,
At the foot of her teacher whom she loved so and
She thought she had naught to let him know.
She brought flowers to place at his feet,
And got high as he’d rant and raise high holy heat,
As overflowing crowds learned a new way to cope,
With their lives and their hassles without tricks or dope
They learned to change their “no’s” to “yes,”
And begin to clean up their cosmic mess,
Changed their jeans to purest white,
(Changed their darkness into light)
And she wanted to give him something as bright;
After searching her soul, she found she could write.
As words of devotion flowed from her pen
She knew what to give this king among men:
A gift from the heart given to uplift the world,
Is far greater than gifts that are gilded and pearled.

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