October 6, 2021 |

The Yogi focuses his attention in the Light
And tells the deepest secrets…

The ineffable description
Of remembrance of the Nam
Of Shakti and Bhakti,
And of Brahma’s Gyan.

The words flow through him naturally,
And bowing to Guru Ram Das,
The Mender of Broken Destinies,

Centered deeply in Prayer…

He speaks,
So that, by Guru’s Grace,
Everyone may hear.

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July 26, 2021 |

Humans have been given long hair,
To crown the tenth gate,
The Way of Knowledge,
Of Infinity.

Take good care of your hair,
And let the Creative Energy flow into your body.

Long hairs are the channels of the Infinite,
They bring the Infinite Creative Power into your body.

Keep your natural form until your last breath.
Let the Light radiate from your body … God’s Image.

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