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Shakti Parwha Kaur at first served as his personal assistant, secretary, and driver, helping Yogi Bhajan to establish classes at YMCAs in the Los Angeles area. Within a couple of months, he also had her teaching Kundalini Yoga classes. As the yogi’s teaching mission began to flourish, she became the Executive Secretary of the 3HO (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) Foundation and editor of numerous publications. From the beginning, Yogi Bhajan designated his student, a real life single mom, as “the Mother of 3HO,” an honorific she eventually acknowledged.

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Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa, the “Mother of 3HO”, was Yogi Bhajan’s first student in the United States. She went on to make a huge contribution to the phenomenal world-wide growth of Kundalini Yoga. Her books have been read by many and countless beginners have benefited greatly from the teaching techniques which she helped pioneer and propagate.

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June 20, 2006 |

When 3HO was in its infancy, we sang many rousing choruses of “We are One in the Spirit, we are One in the Lord.” It captured the prevailing enthusiasm of the idealistic generation that flocked to learn from the Yogi. It was an open-hearted era of loving acceptance of everyone, presaging the the Aquarian Age Age of brotherhood yet to come.

We didn’t know how traumatic the change of Ages was going to be, but Yogi Bhajan did. He traveled extensively throughout the world, preparing people for the Aquarian Age. Even when his words had to be translated, his teachings went straight to the hearts of the thousands of people he reached. Language was no barrier for him.

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August 30, 2004 |

Very few, if any of us, consistently live in our higher chakras. Assuming we’re all yogis, i.e. trying to live in “higher consciousness,” we spend time every day meditating . Sure, in yoga class, we sit calmly in Lotus, eyes focused at the Ajna Chakra.  Meditating on the inflow and outflow of the prana, inhale Sat; exhale Nam . Ah, what bliss! Aspiration, tranquility, and peace-that’s devo­tion. Then we walk outside, discover a dent in the fender of our brand new Jaguar, or driving home someone cuts us off in traffic.  Those expletives we utter are not coming from the heart chakra!

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1986 was declared the “YEAR OF PEACE” by the United Nations. Knowing that Peace needs Prayer, the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) planted the seed for Peace Prayer Day 1986, in June of 1985 at the Summer Solstice Celebration in New Mexico. Well, the result of his inspired idea was an event that was magnificent!

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